Race Day

Before I get to race day I have to recount the headache of Friday. We got to our hotel in the late afternoon. After checking in we decided we needed to head to ESPN wide world of sports to pick up my race material. I still needed to turn in my waver and get my race bib. But to get to ESPN we had to take 3 busses. By the time we got off second bus it was 7pm. We waited for a bus to show up for thirty minutes. When nothing did we questioned the hotel front desk (we were at All Stars Resort). They pointed us in the right direction for the bus which showed up a few minutes later. However, the bus driver told us that the Expo was closed. Here’s the point in the night where I freak out. We talked to another concierge who was pretty sure I could get my bib the morning of the race. She suggested I get there early just to be safe.

My alarm was set for 2:30am. I probably didn’t need it. I slept really terribly. The bus from our resort left at 3am. As soon as we got there I spotted the information tent. This whole time I’m so scared that I’m not going to be able to run. I should never have worried. The information tent had a box full of unclaimed bibs. Looks like I wasn’t the only one late to pick up. Now the waiting began. There were about 60,000 people running the race so the starts were staggered. I didn’t cross the start line until 6:30am. It was impossible to run fast. There were so many people and a lot of people walked the whole race. Honestly, I didn’t even worry about my time. I just ran and had fun. There were characters along the route: Jack Sparrow, Goofy, Cinderella, Lelo and Stitch to name a few. There was others entertainment like marching bands playing pep music. There was a gospel choir. Disney Cruise lines had there busses lined up honking their loud horns and cheering on runners. We ran through Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. Going through Cinderella’s castle was super cool! The race ended at Epcot right past Spaceship Earth. I’m not sure what my official time was. I’m guessing it was around 2 hours 40 minutes. I forgot to stop my runtastic app so I’m just guessing at my time. I don’t care that much. It was far more about the experience. I did finally make it to the Expo to get my official shirt.

Sermon for Sunday March 11, 2012

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and from our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.

​The gospel this morning is shocking. When I read this text I feel like asking, “Who is this man?” Is this the Jesus I know? Is this the same Jesus who said, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God?” Where is the peacemaking in this text? Continue reading